"For the sake of Your name, O Lord, revive me.
In Your righteousness bring my soul out of trouble." - Psalm 143:11

 Dear Lord Jesus, 
 I confess that in the past through ignorance, curiosity, foolishness or willfulness, I have disobeyed your Word. I now ask you to help me as I renounce all those things. My Lord Jesus please cleanse me in body, mind, soul and spirit. Satan, I am closing any door which I may have opened to you and your demons, through contacts with the occult or by any other means, in my Lord God Jesus name. Under the authority of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I renounce all contacts or any involvement with Satan, Satanism, black mass and demon worship. I renounce all contacts with Witchcraft, White Magic, Black Magic, Voodoo, Dungeons & Dragons games, Spiritist, Black Mass, Ouija boards, and other occult games. I renounce all kinds of fortune telling, tea leaf reading, coffee ground reading, palm reading, chiromancy, crystal balls, Contumacy, tarot and other card playing, all dependency on astrology, biorhythm and feedback, Irisology, birth signs and horoscopes, spirit guides or counselors, pendulum swinging, false cults and wearing charm earrings. I renounce all water witching or dowsing, levitation, body-lifting, table tipping, automatic handwriting and handwriting analysis. I renounce all psycometry divination through objects. I renounce the heresy of reincarnation, and all healing groups involved in metaphysics and spiritualism. I do renounce every psychic and occult contact that I have had. I renounce all kind of hypnosis, self hypnosis under any excuse or authority. I renounce all transcendental meditation, yoga, Zen, all eastern cults and religions, mysticism, idol worship and false religions. I renounce every cult that denies the holy blood of my Lord Jesus Christ, and every philosophy which denies the Divinity of the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Trinity. Lord Jesus, I confess the sin of seeking from self or Satan, the help that should have only come from you God Almighty. I confess as sin, any involvement with the occult in which I have participated, and also those occult sins I cannot remember. I renounce all psychic heredity that I may have had, and break any demonic hold and curses over myself and my family line, back to Adam and Eve on both sides of my parents, through the power of the holy blood of my Lord Jesus Christ. I renounce all forms of the martial arts. I renounce all literature I have ever read and studied in all of these fields, and I will destroy such books in my possession. Lord God Jesus, I now repent and renounce all those sins, and ask you to forgive me. I renounce Satan and all his works. I count them as my enemies. I now close the door to all occult practices, and command all such spirits to leave me, my home and family, in the mighty name of my Lord God Jesus Christ. I renounce the Prince of Occult Sex, and all the sex spirits which entered through my life, eyes, participation, transfer or by inheritance, and command all demons to come out of me, in the name of my Lord God Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of my Lord Jesus. I believe that he is the Son of God, who takes away the sin of all those who repent and confess him as Lord. I believe that the holy blood of my Lord Jesus Christ cleanses me from all sin, as it is written in the Bible. I claim freedom in my Lord Jesus name, from all filth which has come through my eyes, my ears, my mind, through actual participation in sin, or by any other means. In particular, I confess the following: all preoccupation with sensual desire and appetites, and indulgences of them; all longing and ardent desire for what is forbidden; all inordinate affection, all unnatural and unrestrained passions and lusts; the promoting or partaking of these, which produce lewd emotion and foster sexual sin and lust. In the name of my Lord God Jesus Christ, I now rebuke and loose myself, my family and home from any and all evil curses, fetishes, charms, love potions all psychic powers, sorcery, bewitchments, enchantments, hexes, spells, every jinx, psychic prayers, and by any other means which have been put upon us, from both sides of generations of my father and mother back to Adam and Eve. I break and loose myself, from any connected or related spirits from any person or persons, or from any occult or psychic source. I hereby reclaim all ground that I have ever given to Satan in body, mind, soul, spirit, or by any other means, in my Lord Jesus name. I dedicate myself to you Dear Lord God Jesus, to be used for your glory alone...


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