Glorious Sunday Blessings - God's promises to me~ πŸ’›

Saturday Blessings - Trusting God in Hard times πŸ’›

Friday Blessings - God fills me with His Peace, Hope and Joy πŸ’›

Saturday Blessings - God invites you to rest in Him πŸ’›

TEN steps to help you start Praying with Confidence πŸ’™

Wednesday Blessings - I entrust my life to God! πŸ’›

Tuesday Blessings πŸ’›

Good Night Blessings πŸ’œ

Sunday Blessings - God knows what is best for my life! πŸ’›

Wednesday Blessings - Only God can bring wisdom and order to our scattered lives. πŸ’›

Tuesday Blessings - Thank you God for hearing my voice. πŸ’›

Saturday Blessing - God's Ways for His beloved is Majestic! πŸ’›

Thursday Blessings - 'Peace I leave with you; my Peace I give to you.' - Jesus πŸ’›

Tuesday Blessings - Commitment to the Lord is what truly matters! πŸ’›

Wednesday Blessings - The Blessed Hope - Jesus will Reign Forever! πŸ’›

Monday Blessings - The Purpose of the Lord will Stand! πŸ’›

Saturday Blessings - Pause and rest in Jesus today! πŸ’›

Monday Blessings - Everything and Everyone will bow to Jesus! πŸ’›

Tuesday Blessings - Healed and Forgiven! What a Privilege! πŸ’›

Wednesday Blessings - The harvest is full! Are you ready? πŸ’›

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