"Listen, Lord, to my prayer; hear my cries for help.
 I call to you in times of trouble,
because you answer my prayers." - Psalm 86:7

Loving Lord, 
You and You alone are the source of my supply, and I come to You today. Please Father God, hear my prayer, and help me address the money worries, that I am currently facing.  Equip me Lord to put bread on the table and feed my children, and I ask that You give me the strength and skill to find work, so that we do not lose our home or belongings.  I want to be responsible with my money, but less seems to be coming in than going out, and I am turning to You my Lord God Jesus , and casting all my burdens on You, for I have come to the very end of myself. Lord Jesus, I ask that You look down on our home with pity, and send relief in a way that only You can. Help each member of the family to find the work, that will provide for the finances that we need,  and let not my heart be troubled, O my God, I believe in You, and I know that You are my Rock in time of trouble, and in the name of my Lord Jesus, I ask that You give me Your strength in the midst of my financial difficulties,  for I KNOW that Your grace is sufficient.  O Father God, I confess that I have been unwise, in so many of the financial decisions that I have made, which has caused me to get into debt. I have made many foolish mistakes, which have caused me to accumulate many bills, which I am unable to meet. I have used credit unwisely,  and accruing more interest due to my thoughtless actions. I ask You my Lord God Jesus,  to forgive my foolishness in building up such a mountain of debt, and to enable me to correct this enormous financial burden, which I confess is of my own doing, and through my poor planning and inept financial skills. I come to You my Lord in my poverty, and ask that You would guide me through this difficulty, and teach me to be more responsible both with my finances, and my relationship with You,  which I have neglected for so long. Lord God,  I ask for Your help as I can do nothing without You, and I thank You that You have heard my cry. I pray all of this in the mighty name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, 


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