Prayer for a Life Partner (Godly Wife / Husband) ✅

" May you be blessed by the LORD, who made heaven and earth!" - Psalms 115:15 
Powerful Prayer for Life Partner (Prayer to marry a godly spouse,  wife / husband). 

Father God, today I come to your holy presence to humbly ask you for a godly spouse, to be the partner of my life. I would like to have someone who loves you, follow your steps, behaves as your word command, lovely, comprehensive, with a pure heart, with integrity, a person of faith, humble, someone who lives in the goodness, lover of your holy word, honest, who walks in integrity and truth, who fears God not man, someone who pursues righteousness, patient, gentle, forgiving, someone who carry the values of the spirit. Father God, I am aware that my requirements are high, I am requesting most of spiritual godly values in my  spouse. So at this point,  I realize that my future partner in life will require "the same of me". Even more, I do realize that a good father would not give his godly child to someone who is not, and this realization is even higher when God the Father himself is the one giving his godly child in marriage. So Father God, taking this key aspect into account, I humbly ask you to help me to change for the best, prepare me to embrace godly values for my life, to live in holiness, to behave as you want me to behave, to walk where you want to me walk, to speak as you want me to speak, to have holy thoughts, holy feelings, to do your holy will in my life and not my sinful will. Please Father God, help me to become a truly child of yours, someone who lives in holiness as you holy word command. Please teach me to walk in your ways, to make you the center of my life, to remind me every day that I depend 100% on you, and that only you provide all good things, that from you come everything that is good, that you are the source of all that the goodness. Father God, please help me to change as you want me to, prepare me as your will demand, to become a person who lives in holiness, because I know that at that point I will be able to receive the godly spouse that you have reserved for me, where the two of us will be godly, having a godly home and family, as your holy will demand. Father God, in your wisely will you want the best for my future godly spouse, that’s why I realize that I must become the best spouse for my godly partner, being in line with your holy will, as you command and demand. Father God, I do also understand that if I want to produce good fruits, then I must become a good source first, and this precisely reminds me that "we reap what we sow", that your holy word is hugely wise, teaching us how to become better, a good person, a godly person, that a future godly spouse do also expect and deserve. Father God, thank you so much for opening my eyes to this big truth, allowing me to change, to become a godly partner for my future godly spouse, to show you my Father God that I will be ready for my godly spouse. I know that you know all things; you know the future, so you already have someone chosen for me. I ask all of these in the name of my Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, amen.


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