New Year Blessings For You!

by Tesse Wilson  

Psalm 65:11 "You crown the year with your goodness..."
Let us have an expectation; that we will continue to experience the Lord's goodness while we are alive
The blessing of new beginnings is yours.
So Begin again..
Press forward..
Do not count your losses..
Do not be paralyze by failures or the fear of failure.
Move forward in faith because the Lord is supplying more grace.
His grace is sufficient to see you through.
Celebrate and maintain your successes...
Continue growing..
Be thankful!
Challenges are part life - I pray you be given the strength and endurance to overcome them.
Sometimes our minds get confused - I  am praying in advance that the Lord will place his peace upon your mind.
We tend to get anxious at times- I pray that you will be patient with our Heavenly Father, others and  yourself.
We are often faced with tough decisions- I pray for  wisdom and guidance  for you to make the right choices and decisions.
We all have goals and aspirations- I pray you have good success.
We all want to be healthy and well- I pray for good health and healing .
We have families and friends - The Lord's choicest blessings to them.
I pray you have a closer walk with Jesus this year. May the Lord anoint you with fresh oil
Uphold you, satisfy you with good things.
reveal all his good plans and will for you in this season. May you stay under the shadow of his wings. May the blessing of the Lord run after you and overtake you.


By Tesse Wilson 
All good gifts come from the Lord. Tesse is happy to be gifted by the Lord to write. It is her prayer that her writings will bless, encourage and inspire others. Thank God for his Spirit who gives inspiration and his grace which enables her.


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