Because He lives, I can face tomorrow! Amen.

Dear Lord God, 
You have always been with me. I never doubted that. My Faith in you have increased over the years. I have learned the power of prayer through all the experiences I have been through. I know I can move on because you are there, you are alive and I believe in you. I believe in your miracle powers! I know I don't have to be afraid, I know I can come boldly to your throne and pour out everything. I know you are my shield and my guide. I can always always rely in your presence. Fill me with your Holy Spirit and make me what I ought to be in you. You have been extremely merciful and faithful in my life. Your grace have filled my life and i rejoice in you. I will always abide in your word and may the word of God cleanse me daily! Thank you Lord for living in me because of that I can always face all my  tomorrows! Praise God! Amen!