Yes! The God of angel armies is always by my side! Amen!

Through the good and the bad, God is always with us! God made our life complete when we place all the pieces before Him. He sets us free. He carried all our burdens and unlocked all the doors to our favor. God said that everything would work out, not that everything would make sense. Just sit back and trust Him. He know what's best for us! We don't have to worry and be anxious about it all. We just have to thank him for all the little and big things he is doing in our lives. He is a God lights up all our dark places. He has a purpose for all the hurt and pain we went through. He has a reason for the struggles that we are going through. He has a reward for all the sincere work we do. Don't give up for He's got your back! Keep trusting Him and be bold! Never lose Hope! He is always by our side! Praise God! Yes! The God of angel armies is always by our side! Amen!