Yes Lord! You are my Everything! Amen.

Dear Lord God, 
You settle all matters for me. I come before you weak and tired. My soul is weary. My heart is scarred the wounds are painful. You know me too well. Help me and clear all my misfortunes. Take it away and clear off all my broken places. I can't move on like this. I need your help. Let me just rest in your care. Pour your love in me. Thank you Lord for taking good care of me and listening to my cry and my prayers.  Let me bask in it. I need your healing power from this dark place! Help me and Bless me. Prosper me, Let your love shine in me. Take away this misery! Let me rejoice and praise you all the days of my life! Come fill me with your joy. I know I am safe in your hands. You are my king! My love! My Shepherd! My Prince of peace! My Redeemer! My All in all! My Savior Jesus Christ! My Lord! I trust in you and I love you. I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen.