Thank You Lord - You are Great in my Life! Amen.

Dear Lord God, 
You are Great! You are God above all! You are king of kings! Prince of Peace! Emmanuel! you are the God who is with me and follows me everywhere I go. You never left me alone. You were there by my side. You have given me Hope and my Faith is increased. By the power of your love I have come this far. You scooped me and you loved me with an everlasting love. You built me up and gave me confidence to stand boldly in you. I am not afraid. I do not fear of the outcomes because you are by my side. Every time you shower your tiny sweet miracles in my life and I know deep in my soul it was you who blessed me and saved me from all those terrible harmful times. I know you are close by me and my family. I can feel how you take care of us. I love you for all the time you rescued and saved our souls. I pray we be still and know that you are God always who is by our side. Thank you for all the power and encouragement you have filled in my life. I praise you. You are an amazing God. I love you forever. I pray all this in Jesus name. Amen!