Stay Focused and Do what God called you to do! Amen.

Have this kind of Prayerful attitude - Dear Lord, this is where you have me right now, I don't understand everything but I trust in you. I am going to do my best, knowing that you are going to use this to my advantage. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Do you ever feel like your prayers hit the ceiling? They don't! God always hears and will makes a way. Your suffering is not a punishment. Don't ever think in that manner. God has His best plans for you and His ways are higher than we can imagine. Now is not the time to whine and quit. Pay no mind to those who are envious or to those who try to bring you down. They do not control your life or your destiny; GOD DOES! Just stay focused and do what God called you to do! Your due season is just around the corner. Keep praying and praising God during this waiting period. Your example of Faith has a profound effect on the people around you. You may not see it, but you are an influencer. Believe it God has great things in store for you. Hallelujah! Amen. 

Jesus replied, "You don't understand now what I am doing but someday you will." -  John 13:7