Bedtime Prayer - A Powerful Evening Prayer - Night Prayer to God

Gracious Father, As this day begins to slow down, I pause to reflect on the past day.
What emotions did I feel? What am I grateful for today?
Sometimes it is difficult to recognize your gifts, thinking more about what I lack.
This ingratitude often leads me to feel sadness and envy and to close myself off from the world.
Father, give me the grace to recognize You, to find in your forgiveness, joy, and in your mercy, hope.
I also ask you, Lord, to give me the ability to make all those who are with me feel loved, especially those who are sad and lonely.
Forgive me, Lord, for those times when I treated people poorly.
Give me a heart available to all people, particularly the poorest and the most vulnerable of society.
Transform me and draw me close to your heart, ready to do your will tomorrow.
Help me to live each day with you as my guide
I thank you for the gift of life and the grace of love.