It is OK, to not be ok! Just Don't give up!

Listen my dear Friend, 
It is OK, to not be ok! Just please Don't give up! God has a beautiful plan and purpose for your life! He came to give you life in abundance! The enemy has a plan for your life but to steal, kill and destroy! Be prepared for both, but be wise and discerning which one to battle and which one to embrace! Sometimes God have to put a Goliath in your life to find that David within you. Have Faith and Trust in God's plans for your life. When you struggle don't trust what you see, trust what God said! His promise never fails. Sometimes God does not change your situations because He is trying to change your heart. Yield to His will and plans. Rest in the fact that God is in control. Keep your Faith in Christ alone and Stay Blessed.  

1 Corinthians 5:7 - Walk by Faith even when you cannot see.