girl, read your bible

Spend time in the word of God. It is very vital for our spiritual being. I used to know this story of a little boy age 6 who went to stay with His grandpa who lived close to a river side. Everyday the grandpa sat down in the morning to read His Bible. The little boy curious asked ‘why He have to read it everyday?’ The Grandpa got up and picked a black dirty basket from the fireplace with so much holes in it asked the boy to go fetch water from the riverside and fill a big tub. The boy ran and got some water from the river but by the time He reaches home the water slipped through the holes. He did this many times and finally gave up! His grandpa asked Him do it 5 more times and come back. He did so. The little boy was frustrated. Then His grandpa sat him on his lap asked him to look at the basket and voila all the coaled black dirt of the basket left and there sat a beautiful brown basket. Then the grandpa said, the more I read the word of God, it cleanses all my sins away, it takes away all that is not in relation with the Lord. This is why I read the word of God everyday so that it can take care of my heart, even when the world is spewing wickedness, I can hold onto the words of the Bible and fix my gaze upon my Lord Jesus alone. πŸ’›

So, you must start reading the word so it will keep you secured in Christ. Read the word, memorize, meditate and obey the word of God it will bless you in the long run. ⭐


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