How many times did David spare Saul’s life? - BIBLE QUIZ

Answer: B - Twice

The name "David" means one who is well beloved. He was born the eighth and youngest son of Jesse, a resident of Bethlehem. He was the great grandson of Ruth (who wrote the book of Ruth) and Boaz (Ruth 4:22). He killed a lion, bear and Goliath. He spare the life of king Saul twice. His best friend was King Sauls’s son, Jonathan. He continues to have a colorful life even as king. Shortly after becoming ruler over all Israel, he attacks the Jebusites in Jerusalem and captures the city. This is why, to this day, Jerusalem is also called the 'city of David.' Unfortunately, many of David's problems are self-inflicted. His illicit affair with Bathsheba, the arranged murder of her husband and attempt at cover up his sins cost him grief, dishonor, the life of a child and trouble within his household.

The sin of taking a census to determine the size of his army, instead of trusting God, cost the lives of more than 70,000 Israelites. His lack of discipline in his own house contributed to his son Absalom rebelling against him and another son Adonijah seeking to inherit the throne instead of Solomon.The life of King David ends shortly after proclaiming his son Solomon the next ruler of Israel. He dies at the age of seventy after ruling God's people for forty years. He also writes at least 77 of 150 Psalms found in the Bible. He loved the Lord and because of His sincerity towards him God called David a man after His own heart ❤️


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