It's the First Sunday of June. Let's begin it with a Prayer

It's the First Sunday of June. Let's begin it with a prayer. 
Dear Lord, 

Thank you for this great and beautiful Sunday. Lord, please protect our families and our friends from this deadly virus. I pray and end to this deadly Coronavirus. I pray you guide me and help me overcome every struggles I face. Please do not let my emotions be my decision-maker. Help me to pause and pray. Please lead me  in the right directions. I trust you to lead me. In Jesus name. Amen. 🌿

Just because you don’t clearly see God’s work at this moment doesn’t mean He’s not working. Even if you can't see the miraculous. Even if you can't see the good. Good is still being worked out. God is Good all the time. Trust Him. Your answers are coming in due time. God speed to you! In your waiting praise Him in the hallway! Amen.
Stay blessed!


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