Hold on to Jesus In Life's Storms! Amen.

No matter what swirls around us, God promises to be our perfect peace. He assures us he is constantly with us, strengthening and supporting us. Pray that God will help you to keep your eyes and focus on him, not on the circumstances surrounding you. Ask him to help you grown in your trust, believing he is faithful to see us through. The enemy will lure us towards panic and worry if we focus on all that is wrong in this world. But God offers us confident peace that can never be found in this life without him. Ask for his help in choosing not to worry, but instead to pray, allowing his Spirit to guard your heart and mind in him. Often it’s hard to trust God when money problems, debt, and loss mount up high. Yet God knows what concerns us, he understands our every need, and he is more than able to provide all that we lack. Pray that he will give you wisdom in every financial decision, that he would help you to be generous in giving, and to trust him in providing for your family’s needs. When troubles overwhelm and worry sets in, it can feel like we can hardly breathe. It might seem as if we’re drowning in the pressures and fears that life has thrown our way. God can cut through all that; He is powerful to work a miracle on our behalf. The same God who split the sea and healed the sick is the God who hears your prayers today. Tell him what concerns you, and thank him that he is helping you this day! Trust Him! He knows best for your life! Amen! 


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