10 Short ways to Pray when you can't pray!

Every Christian may face a time in their life when they cannot pray. So here are 10 ways to pray when you can't pray. YES! 'PRAY WITHOUT CEASING!' - 1 Thessalonians 5:17 

1: Pray anyway
2. Choose to listen
3. Just say His name
4. Have a go-to prayer
5. Say a prayer of praise
6. Pray for somebody
7. Pray for a heart to pray 
8. Have someone pray for you
9. Read the word of God and pray
10. Pray different bible verses over your life. 

Pray Big! Pray Small! Pray for specific things! Pray constantly! Never ever quit praying! Prayer does miracles! God hears every single prayers that you pray to Him. He is all ears and listening. Have Faith and pray anyways! He will heal you, protect you, prune you and save your soul! Just Pray about everything! Amen! 


  1. Jesus be with me I am sinful but I regret for all those. Kindly bless me and forgi e me


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