Saturate the word and Pray constantly! Amen.

To pray constantly - we may think this is impossible. But, I think this is the most important lifestyle we must adopt. It is impossible to have a close relationship with someone if you never talk, right? So why do we put God in a box through out the week and open Him up while sitting on the pew seats on Sunday? or open Him up the once in a while time we do the devotions? How many times do we interact with our best friends, or our spouses? Is it only once a week? Hopefully not! I don't know about you but my friends and my spouse can't seem to find enough ways to communicate! We have group texts to chat and send in the snips and snaps of the day, the funny stuff, the weired stuff, all those selfies, forwarding all the jokes to laugh about or about the bad day you are having? or tag each other on facebook, or insta the coffee you just brewed! you get the point! My point here is we communicate often, the any chance we get. Even during work, we sneak a peek to see the latest developments of what's happening with our friends and we comment but for some odd reason we don't take those lil breaks to chat with our Lord? Yes I am working on my own lifestyle. Yes it takes effort, disciple and commitment to be in constant chit chat with the Lord to tell him about how our day is going. And to turn to him when our day is getting rough and tired. right? He becomes our last resort. But, I encourage you to take constant breaks in your mind and heart to whisper a lil chit chat with the Lord. It does not have to be formal by bowing down on your knees. Just close your eyes for a minute and thank him, tell him everything about your day, how you feel. Slowly, taking this 1 min throughout the day every half hour becomes a habit and it begins to be a life style and you will find out in the end that without this 1 min break with the Lord you cannot move forward. You will need His leading in every area of your life. I think you will be surprised to find how much closer you will feel with Him, and how much easier it will be to hear Him when He speaks to you. I pray God bless you to pray and You will be able to pray to Him without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Yes He will give you that strength and grace to make prayer into a lifestyle and glorify Him. He will be your refuge and shield and a constant companion. Have those conversations with Him. Time is short. Make every moment of His presence into a miracle in your life. Get the word of God saturate it in your heart and keep praying! God bless! :)


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