The Lord fights for you All you need is to be Still. Amen.

It's amazing to when God is by our side.  Yes, 'The Lord fights for you and All we need is to be Still.' - Exodus 14:14. There will always be 2 voices that would speak to us. But have a discerning spirit from the Lord when you choose to listen. Listen to the voice that is from the Lord and not from your own flesh or the voice of the enemy. 

1. God's voice vs. 2. Satan/the enemy's/your own voice: 

1. Stills you. 
2. Rushes you. 

1. Leads you. 
2. Pushes you. 

1. Reassures you. 
2. Scares you. 

1. Enlightens you. 
2. Confuses you. 

1. Encourages you. 
2. Puts you down. 

1. Comforts you. 
2. Worries you. 

1. Calms you. 
2. Obsesses you. 

1. Convicts you. 
2. Condemns you. 

Choose wisely which voice you are listening to and the outcome will be pleasant and peaceful. Choose the voice of the Lord your God. It brings peace and joy. Do not listen to the lies of satan your enemy or to your own voice that comes from the fleshly nature. Discern and listen to the voice of the Lord. You can do this by reading the word of God, meditating on it and by praying. Spend time with the Lord and He will give you the answers that you need to speak up and things you must be doing which will lead for the glory of God. YES! God is enough to start over again! Amen. 

God bless. :)


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