Trust God! Every piece of your life is there for a reason! Amen.

Yes Lord! I praise you and I adore you. You have been so kind and delicate with me. You have cared for me so gently and handled me with your amazing power. I am sorry if i have been not trusting you enough. I am sorry for my doubts. I am sorry for not having enough faith. I am sorry for being afraid all the time and not trusting you enough. Please forgive me. I want you to fill me with your power, love and discipline in life. I do not want to be timid and scared of everything. I want to be bold in you and have confidence that you are by my side leading me. Help me to be aware of that you are always with me and you will not fail me. I know every up's and down's in life have a reason because you are through all of it. You have sustained my coming and going. You have watched over me and blessed me. You have showered your amazing grace all the time. You have rescued me from harm multiple times a day. Please Lord help me to see your hand in my life all the time and not be afraid. Thank you Lord. I know I can trust all the pieces of my puzzle that I can't figure out into your hands and I can rest knowing that you are watching over me and i don't have to be afraid. I love you dear Lord. I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen. 


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