Yes Lord I will Praise you in the storm! Amen.

When the tempest raged and all those around me told that I will not survive and won't make it anywhere in life. Lord you sustained me and kept me. You were merciful towards me. You favored me as the storms raged and screamed for my life. Despite all the troubles and offense I face I am glad I am rooted in your word and I am still able to praise and rejoice in your love and protection. Yes Lord my heart finds security in you. You have dealt well with me. My barn house is plentiful and overflowing. You helped me to give and be generous rather than to take and to borrow. You healed all my insecurities and low self esteem. You healed me from all the bondages that entangled my life. You brought me forth and restored everything that I lost. You loved me and called me by my name. You exalted me in the presence of my enemies. You have turned my mourning into dancing. Your joy has been my strength and I will praise and rejoice in you even when the sea rages! Thank you Lord I worship you for you are King of Glory and the mighty one! Hallelujah! I praise you. You have been so so good to me! I pray all this in Jesus name, Amen. 


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