Welcome on Board FLIGHT 2020!

Welcome aboard flight 2020 - (Watch Video)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is ‘Captain Emmanuel (God with us)!

Thank you for choosing SALVATION AIRLINE and I assure you comfort as bestowed in John 3:16; John 10:10b.

Tomorrow ; Flight 2020 we will be taking off from January 2020 Airport to December 2020 Airport.

Please be reminded that during our flight we will land in 12 interesting sites taking us a total of 365 discovery days.

We shall be cruising at uncountable blessings per day and at million miles above sorrow level.

The weather may be cloudy but Grace is sufficient. There may be some turbulence but Divine intervention is certain. The Prince of Peace will speak ‘Peace be still’ to your storms.

The Angels are our Cabin Crew. They will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory. You shall not lack anything good.

Our menu include: Peace, grace, mercy, favour, sound health, success and prosperity. Amazingly, they are all free courtesy of Captain Emmanuel (Jesus).

Note that this is a 'No weeping, No mourning flight!'

Please, fasten your prayer belt!

You and all the members  of your family will land safely.

For more information about your safety on board, please always contact your Safety Manual The Bible on a Daily basis. For any question, The Holy Spirit shall give you answers any time.

In Jesus, there shall be no losses! (John 17:9-19) Amen.

Please, advertise this AIRLINE to all you know.

 Enjoy your flight!


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Hi friends, we are very excited you are here. we can learn the word of God together🙏❤️