God is good ALL THE TIME! Amen.

Psalm 65:11 "You crown the year with your goodness..." Let us have an expectation; that we will continue to experience the Lord's goodness while we are alive!

I pray you have a closer walk with Jesus this year. May the Lord anoint you with fresh oil Uphold you, satisfy you with good things. reveal all his good plans and will for you in this season. May you stay under the shadow of his wings. May the blessing of the Lord run after you and overtake you.

This New Year´s day, abandon your selfish pursuit of self-advancement and monetary ambition. Learn to love your God and be prospered as you have never prospered before. If you put selfish ambition before everything else, you will end up miserable and embittered. By putting God´s love first in your life you are on the first step to happiness in this world and the promise of joyous eternity in the next.


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