He has made everything Beautiful in its TIME!

Dear Lord God, 
I thank you for each moment of our life. I don't know what the future holds. But, I am assured that your plans and thoughts about me and my family is good, have a purpose and meaning in this life. I believe you have much to establish in our lives. I am thankful that you are extremely detailed about each of us. I always need your strength and wisdom as I go about in this journey of life. Time is short and precious. Help me and bless me to live for you and to love others through you. Bless me to cherish and nourish those around me. Bless me to care and help those in need. Please Bless me to spend happy times with my loved ones. Bless me to value them of who they are. Thank you Lord for the time that you give me. Bless me to use it wisely. Let me not stray in ways that would not honor you. Thank you my Lord for your love. Help me and bless me to be kind and patient everyday!Thank you for showering me with your presence. Thank you for your healing in me. Thank you for your protection. Let me only abide in you my father. Let me only lean onto you. May my comfort come from your word. Deliver me from all fears and doubts. Shut down all my enemies. Thank you for your truth and grace. Thank you for being my refuge and strength. Thank you for being my salvation. I am looking forward to your second coming. When the roll calls up yonder let me be found in you. Thank you my Savior Jesus for rescuing my soul. I love you. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen.


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