God is My enough! He is Your enough! He is Our enough!


"My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." - Psalm 73:26

What a beautiful and powerful verse from the Scripture! 

"God is the strength of my Heart and my Portion forever!"

What does it even mean to have God as my portion and my strength? 

When I don't have enough, God is my portion, and my strength. 

When everything and everyone fails, God is my enough. 

When life does not play fair, God is my enough. 

He is my Portion! 

He is my Strength!

He is my enough! 

He is your enough! 

He is our enough! 

He is the one who is near us when we find ourselves feeling lonely and scared. 

He is the one who reaches out when we feel we are drowning under stress and sorrow. 

When circumstances gives away and when people fail us, we can find our comfort and security in Jesus. 

Nothing in this world and about me and you misses  from His eyes and ears. 

He is watching. He knows. He hears. He sees. He is protective and caring. We are the apple of His eyes. 

He is closer than we can imagine.

When we fall He picks us up.  

He is our strength in times of hardship. 

All we got to do is to trust and rely upon Him.

He will lead us to everything we need. 

His plans and will for our lives is good and perfect. 

God is our portion when we don’t feel like we are enough. He alone satisfies. 

Let us draw near to God; catching hold of His eternal perspective and trusting in His unfailing love with all of our hearts. 

Let us not allow the circumstances that surround us and the apparent successes of the ungodly to cause us to doubt the goodness of God. 

But, rather declare the wonderful works of Him, Who has saved us by grace through faith in Christ; adopted us into His own family and covered us in Christ's royal robe of righteousness. 

This life is tough!

But that’s why God gave us the Bible, so that we can read it and be encouraged. 

He reminds us that when all else fails, when we are discouraged and feel helpless, God won’t fail us. 

He is our strength. He is our portion and is with us forever. How awesome is that? 

We are bound to fail a lot in this life. What’s important is that we put our Faith and Trust in God because He will never fail.

Do not let your failures define you, because the one who made you never makes mistakes. 

You are unique. 

He created you fearfully and wonderfully.  

You are perfect in His sight. 

Be who God called you to be. 

We don't have to imitate this world.

The enemy loves to bring discouragement, doubts, fear and sorrowful news through different sources, but, our Lord lives and He has the last word to all matters of life. His compassion and faithfulness is above and beyond, it is mighty in power than our weak and failing hearts. So, you got to just trust and seek Him than listening to what the world is screaming about.

God makes no mistakes. He uses everything for His purpose in our lives to bring us closer to Him. 

Therefore dear friend, Impress your heart on Him and derive your strength from His word. 

He promises you life in abundance. 

Tune into Him today. 

Ask the HolySpirit to teach you things you don't understand. He will teach and equip you to be prepared for the coming days. When your flesh and heart fails, run to Jesus, take cover under Him. Only He can rescue you from all crisis. It don't matter how crazy and bad it sounds. Just run to Jesus because He is your strength and portion forever! Rest in His peace today and forever! 


Dear Lord, 

Please equip me to be in your will and derive my strength from you. When I feel incomplete, you are my portion. Thank You Lord for Your never-failing goodness and grace towards me. Thank you for comforting and loving me. I pray you bless me and give rest to my aching soul. Surround me with your peace, protection and vigilance. Thank you for being near to my soul and keep me in your care. Fill me with your love and joy. Thank you for being my portion forever. I love you Lord. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Praying you have a blessed and peace-filled day! 

Daily Devotionals Team:  I Love Psalms 


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