Blessed Friday❤️The only one who can truly SATISFY the human heart is the ONE WHO MADE IT❤️


The whole reason why we exist is that everything in this world was made with the purpose of pointing our hearts and minds back to our Creator. 

God has given us this desire to be known, to make a difference, to be an encouragement, to be a blessing, to have our lives mean something in the end. 

As we explore how our search for significance plays out in our daily lives, perhaps we should ask ourselves: What are we really seeking? And how do we find it? How can you continuously find satisfaction in him rather than in temporary answers?

In John 4 we see Jesus talking to a Samaritan woman. This woman has to come to the well daily and maybe more times in a day — to satisfy her thirst. 

But Jesus says to her, “‘Anyone who drinks this water will soon become thirsty again. But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again’”  - John 4:13-14

He’s offering that same water to you and me. In him, our desperate thirst is quenched forever. He will fill us with His glory. 

As followers of Christ, we know the truth that nothing on this earth can fully satisfy our longing for significance and worth — nothing apart from Jesus. 

Yea, that's right, — You can do nothing apart from Jesus — Only He can satisfy the longing of your heart, fills you with His peace, finds you significant, showers you with His joy, wraps you with His compassion and tells you how much you are worth in His sight. He is your Protector, deliverer and redeemer. Just keep on Trusting Him! He will lead you through and satisfy you. 

Daily Devotionals by - Team I Love Psalms 


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