Do you still Love me? πŸ’œ - An interesting conversation between a wife and her husband

Seeing herself in the mirror, the wife asked her husband:

Do you still love me?

The man replied: Oh yes!

My body has changed since we first met, isn't it? Woman asked.

He replied, "No, I didn't notice.".

Putting a hand on her stomach, she said, "Look at my belly, it's much bigger and heavier than it used to be." There is no smoothness to my legs anymore.

Her tears were running down her face when she asked him, "Why do you love me so much?"

In response, the man said: Look, when I touch your body, I feel your love, I see your kind heart, I see your beautiful figure, I know it's the perfect shape, I love you. You shouldn't feel bad about your appearance. Feel the way I still feel about you, and enjoy the way I see you.

She smiled once again as tears fell on her cheeks, inspired by the sensuality and kindness of your soul, not your vibrant body. Life and love are meant to be lived by the heart and not by the eyes."

Author Unknown


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