The only safety you can find is in the peace of God! Amen🙏

 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” - John 14:27

There was a painting competition in a school where the students were asked to paint a picture on the theme of peace. The final winner was determined by selecting two paintings from the entries. Experts examined both paintings critically by the examining committee. One painting portrays a breathtaking scenery. A beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds surrounded the lofty mountains covered in luxuriant green vegetation, and a tranquil lake with still water reflected all of this with clarity as it reflected the green mountains. There were wonderful flowers and fine fruits growing around the lake. It was peaceful and calm as a pretty bird rested in a nice nest on a tall tree without being disturbed. Every part of the pretty picture displayed a feeling of restfulness.

The other picture depicts rough mountains and a wild and disturbed sky with dense black clouds and bright lightning indicating a heavy thunderstorm.

Streams of foamy water were surging over a rocky hillside as an angry waterfall raged. Winds that were intense and violent bent the branches of the trees. A tiny tree with a small nest was visible in a cleft in the huge rock. Despite being surrounded by ferocious forces of nature, the small bird was seated within the nest, its beak slightly open, singing melodious music.

According to the experts, the second picture won first prize after they examined the two pictures. The state of perfect peace is the state of being peaceful in the midst of all unavoidable disturbances, troubles, hard work, and noise. In real life, peace does not simply mean resting in a serene and quiet environment without disturbances or distractions. Even in the midst of life's tempests, God's peace will keep us at perfect peace.

Today's world is searching everywhere for Peace and calm. Many think they will find peace in the abundant riches and wealth they accumulate. Others think that if they satisfy their sex life they will attain peace. Still others think they will find it in their friends, family, job security, drugs, drinking and lifestyles that pleases them. 

Unfortunately, the truth is these are only a temporary fix that soon fades and will also lead to sad consequences. 

The only person who can give us complete peace and harmony both in good and bad circumstances is Jesus alone. That is the absolute truth. When we abide in Jesus His divine peace covers us in all situations that we only need to be still and know that He is God. Only He can save us from all the mundane activities of this world. 

I would encourage you to take few minutes right now from your day and settle down to have a sincere chat with the Lord by giving Him thanks and asking Him to fill you with His peace, hope, wisdom, blessings, love, patience, joy, favor and glory. The result of  peace for spending time with the Lord to share from a sincere and a grateful heart will be immediate because you are aligning with the will of God as you pray His promises. His peace and joy will wrap you. His presence will be your protection for sure. He have you in His palm of His hands and remember you are the apple of His eyes and you are so very precious and special to Him. God's peace is ours because Jesus heals our root of sin. Today, I pray His peace cover you. God bless. 


Dear Heavenly Father, 

Thank you for covering me with your divine peace. Your presence is my protection and victory. I will triumph high because your promises abide in my heart. Thank you for your deliverance from all evil and your peace secure in my heart. In Jesus name, Amen. 

Please share to encourage others. God bless. 

Daily Devotion by Team I Love Psalms (copyrighted)


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