Do Children's Rights Override Parental Rights?

 You're in a conversation and someone says, “We have to respect the rights of children. No one, not even their parents, should be allowed to interfere with their sexual autonomy. We have to let them decide who they really are.” What would you say?

 Children's rights are absolutely crucial, but does that mean parents shouldn't be able to direct their children’s education and medical care, or be informed about the choices they're making? 

No. The next time you're in a conversation and someone says that children’s rights conflict with parental rights, here are 3 things to remember. 

First, children have rights, but they're frequently misunderstood. 

Second, children have rights, including the right to life and the right to their mother and father. 

Third, children have rights, and they don't conflict with parental rights. 

Thanks to Katy Faust for her contributions to this video. Katy is the Founder and Director of the children’s rights organization Them Before Us. You can learn more by visiting  

SOURCE: What Would You Say -


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