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  What did God create on the FIFTH day? - BIBLE QUIZ

  What did God create on the SECOND day? - BIBLE QUIZ

  What did God create on the SIXTH day? - BIBLE QUIZ

  What did God create on the FIRST day? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did God do on the seventh day? - BIBLE QUIZ

God is Faithful and will Meet ALL your needs. TRUST HIM. Amen.

  What did God create on the THIRD day? - BIBLE QUIZ

In Damascus, whose sight was restored by Ananias? - BIBLE QUIZ

Steady My Heart as I wait upon you, Lord!

When Loneliness comes knocking - Take rest in the Lord. Amen.

Let us serve you better because We are called to SERVE!

Lisa Chan Breaks Down While Singing, Francis Comforts Her (Beautiful)

Love all, TRUST YOUR LORD GOD, do wrong to none. Amen.

Our Identity and Purpose must not align with this world! Amen.

Stay of Good Cheer, Dear Friend🌹💖

Who Am I ? - First I doubted, Later, I believed that Jesus had risen! - BIBLE QUIZ

Whom Abraham’s servant found when looking for a wife for Isaac? - BIBLE QUIZ

I'm Lord's Beautiful Masterpiece!

God responds our Desperate Prayers!

Protection Prayer to Keep you away from Harm! Amen.

Prayer Against the spirit of PORN!

Fight the right kind of Fight Against ALL kinds of Evil!

The Most POWERFUL PROTECTION PRAYER Against ALL Kinds of Wickedness!

Have FAITH in our Lord God alone! He will bring you out of it! Amen.

Which wood has been used by Noah to build the Ark? - BIBLE QUIZ

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