Letter from Hell - Author Unknown : Watch Video

My Brother’s Hands - True Story - Albrecht Durer

Trusting God

How I wish the Lord would come in my lifetime!

Dad, I’m too old for a goodbye kiss

A Smoke Signal

The sooner you turn around, the better!

It’s Only a Quarter 🪙


Unthankful Dad gets taught a lesson you won't believe! 😲😳

Let's Begin this First Sunday of September with a Prayer ❤️

Working for God!


Let's Begin this First Day of September with a Prayer ❤️

I really just want God to take the Lead!

Last Day of AUGUST

Let's Begin this Last Day of August with a Prayer 🙏❤️

Goodbye AUGUST👋 🙏

Lord, Guide Me in SEPTEMBER!

Long Handled Spoons🥄

Let's Begin this Last Sunday of August with a Prayer 🙏❤️

Last Sunday of August

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Bible Quiz 📖
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Hi friends, we are very excited you are here. we can learn the word of God together🙏❤️