Have a Blessed night!

I Serve a God who hears! Hallelujah! Praise God! Amen

The Lord is doing a good work in me! Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

Be Grateful in all circumstances! Amen.

The Lord’s got you covered! Amen

In Christ alone my HOPE is found. Amen!

I know the Lord is always with me and that is my confidence in Him!

Do not be afraid, just believe! - HIS PROMISE! I stand by that! Amen!

When God is involved Broken things are Blessed! Amen!

My future is secure in God's hands! Amen.

God hears and see's my Heart and Carries me through!

God's got this! Trust Him!

I go with confidence for the Lord is with me! Amen!

Because of His Grace I'm Still Here!

Trust in the Lord and Don't Give Up! Amen.

Miracles always happen when you Believe

When you can’t put your prayers in words God hears your Heart!

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