I'm Lord's Beautiful Masterpiece!

God responds our Desperate Prayers!

Protection Prayer to Keep you away from Harm! Amen.

Prayer Against the spirit of PORN!

Fight the right kind of Fight Against ALL kinds of Evil!

The Most POWERFUL PROTECTION PRAYER Against ALL Kinds of Wickedness!

Have FAITH in our Lord God alone! He will bring you out of it! Amen.

GOD Holds ALL things Together! HE IS INDESCRIBABLE. Amen.

The Lord God is our Strength! Amen.

Lift Up Your Hallelujah's!

Sing Loud Praise to the Lord! Amen.

The enemy is defeated when we Sing Praises to the Lord! Amen!

God's Not Done with You! TRUST HIM!

Cast your cares and God will sustain You! Amen

I am just Grateful and Blessed! Enough said!

Forgiveness Truck 🚚

Pray and Let God worry - Just TRUST HIM!

Have the Smallest Seed of Faith!

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life!

The Lord is with us and that's enough! Amen.

Prayer the easiest thing we can do each day!

Remain Grateful for every Blessings!

A Believers Weapon of Defense - The Power in the Blood of Jesus! Amen.

Prayer Changes ALL things

Don't be weary in doing good.

FOCUS on what needs to be Focused!