Who are the Blessed?

Who made the iron axe float? - BIBLE QUIZ

Where did Peter find money to pay taxes? - BIBLE QUIZ

What fruit was used to heal King Hezekiah's open sore? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was a left-handed judge who stabbed a king? - BIBLE QUIZ

What happened to the money that the priest paid Judas? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did Jesus say is the most important commandment? - BIBLE QUIZ

God is abundant in Grace and Favor

Which king of Judah became King when he was 7 years old? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did Jesus first say to his disciples when he appeared to them after his death? - BIBLE QUIZ

In which psalm would you find this verse: "Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path"? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which of the following was not a known writer of a psalm? - BIBLE QUIZ

What is the first color mentioned in the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many coins did Jesus see the widow put in the temple offering? - BIBLE QUIZ

You are the apple of His eyes

God's care Preserves us

Who said, ..."where you go I will go,...your people shall be my people, and your God my God.? - BIBLE QUIZ

God did ​not​ permit King David to build His temple because...? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who baked bread on a fire made from cow manure? - BIBLE QUIZ

God rained ​manna​ for His people on the wilderness for how many years? - BIBLE QUIZ

God never changes - He is the Alpha and Omega - Forever Sovereign

Which Prophet caused an axe to ​float​ on the surface of water..? - BIBLE QUIZ

Complete the Verse: "For where your treasure is, there your _____ will be also."? - BIBLE QUIZ

Jesus Christ says; " ALL THOSE who are heavy burdened should come to me, and ​I will give​ ​them​..."? - BIBLE QUIZ

At which pool was the man with 38 years of sickness healed ? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which country did the Eunuch come from? - BIBLE QUIZ

The rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem was done by whom ? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophet prophesied about the dry bones? - BIBLE QUIZ

5 Promise Verses to hold on when you struggle

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