It's Monday, Make the Best of Each Moment πŸ™❤️

Last Monday of March πŸ™❤️

Dear God, Protect our Children Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Financially and in Every Way! AmenπŸ™

Thank You God for our Shelter, our Food, Your Strength and Your Protection πŸ™❤️

Dear God, Heal us πŸ™❤️

Yes Lord! We need You πŸ™❤️

Let's Begin this Last Sunday of March with a Prayer πŸ™❤️

Last Sunday of March 2020 πŸ™❤️

Prayer for Family Protection πŸ™❤️

We have a PERFECT GOD πŸ™❤️

There is Power in Prayer πŸ™❤️

Let God fight this battle πŸ™❤️

With God's help, I can face tomorrow! Amen πŸ™❤️

6 Anxiety-Calming Scriptures πŸ™❤️

"Let not your hearts be troubled" - John 14:1

Thank you, God, for all your blessings to me and my family πŸ™❤️

I just want to tell you "I Love You"


Lord, We put ourselves in Your Care!

I come before You, O Lord!

Dear God, Wrap them with Your Love and Protection!

Never Underestimate the Power of Prayer, Faith and Love!

Let's not Stop Praying!

Thank You Lord for the Strength and Protection over my Family!

Please Stay Home ❤️

God will make a Way!

God will always take care of us!

Dear God, Please be with us πŸ™

Lord, I Pray that in April our lives will be back to normal

No Storm Can Shake My Faith!

May God hold them both πŸ™❤️

LOCKDOWN at Home 🏠