You are of more worth than many sparrows. Amen!

My God is stronger than my problems! Amen.

Seek the PEACE that only Jesus can give!

PROMISE WORD FOR TODAY: Give All Your Cares to God!

Be Patient and Have Faith!

Only Jesus Satisfies! Amen.

Praise God now and experience His power! Amen.

God Will Provide All My Needs ! Amen.

Keep your Peace and Walk away trusting God to Handle it! AMEN!

God is in Control in Our Darkest Hours! Amen.

Value Others Above Yourselves! Amen.

God's Timing is the Best! Amen.

West Virginia Church Fire Doesn't Burn A SINGLE BIBLE! - A Must-see!

Aww so Cutee -- Singing God's Word - Psalm 27:14

The Words of the Lord (Psalm 12)

Bryson reciting the 23rd Psalm at 4 years old!!!!

O Savior, Come (Psalm 14)

Is it too late for a Great Awakening? PRAY for the Future of America!

God works on my behalf in double portions! Praise God. Amen.

5 Short Promises for a Busy Mind

Lord please let your voice be my guide. Amen.

Let me just rest in you O Lord. Amen.

Increase my Faith O Lord. Amen.

Thank you Lord for wrapping me in your arms. Amen.

Lord, please do not remember my sins. Amen.

Enjoy a Blessed Month!

Hello March! Please be Awesome!

Hello March! Trust in the BLESSINGS of New Beginnings!

I am not afraid for with my God ALL things are Possible! AMEN!

The Exquisite plan of God for your Life!