A Grateful Heart - Short prayer

Here I am Lord

A Gift To You

Prayer of Thanks

Beautiful Prayer - God is Love - Motivate us with love and Kindness O Lord


The Beautiful Garden of Prayer

I am blessed with everything - Encouraging word and prayer

1 min refreshing prayer - Be at Peace God is in charge

That Naked Soul walking with scars - Encouraging Word

Siri reciting Psalms 23

A Prayer for Maturity - Bringing My Emotions Under the Control of the Holy Spirit

Hold on weary warrior - Encouraging word

Fear NOT the battle belongs to God - Encouraging word

Decision making prayer

Cutest "Jesus Loves Me" Performance Ever!

Speak Blessing Over Your Children

Prayer For Maturity - How To Grow Up In All Areas Of Your Life For God

A Prayer For A Sick Child - God Who Cares And Loves Little Children

Prayer For Spiritual Blessing - Bless Me Lord, I Pray With Those Blessing

Heavenly Father Protect Me From The Devil

God's Presence - Short Encouragement

Prayer for Safety and Protection In The Night!

Prayer of Protection from Satan and Evil Spirits

Prayer For Brotherly Love Towards Others - Thank You For Your Deep Love Towards Me

A Prayer for Humility and Patience

5 Powerful Bible verses on Protection from all Harm and a short Prayer

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