How do we react when people "Dump their Garbage" on us ?

At the base of an Old Oak Tree🌳

What did Rebecca do when she saw Isaac? - BIBLE QUIZ

Godliness With Contentment is A Great Gain💖

Tuesday Blessings! Trusting God is Wisdom❤️

How long did it take to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem under Nehemiah's leadership? - BIBLE QUIZ

Making Beautiful Music

A Girl's courage

Echo of "I Love You"💖

Good Night Blessings!

Why I Love My Mother💖

Let's Begin this Last Sunday of May with a Prayer 🙏❤️

The Painting of The Son

Big Wheel truck stop

Forgiveness of Sins

Where in the Bible can you find what is commonly called the 'Beatitudes'? - BIBLE QUIZ

Fly away Balloon

By the time Jesus reached Bethany, how long had Lazarus been in his tomb? - BIBLE QUIZ

What book of the Bible📖 mentions "India"? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who told David the Parable? - BIBLE QUIZ

That's My Favorite Piece

Faith is TRUSTING GOD even when you don't understand His plan❤️

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