Dear God, I'm placing Month of AUGUST in Your Hands🙏❤️

Month of AUGUST Goals!

I really just want God to take the Lead!

Let's Begin this First Day of August with a Prayer ❤️

Let's Begin this Last Day of July with a Prayer 🙏❤️

Lord, Guide Me in AUGUST!

How old was Abraham when he was circumcised ? - BIBLE QUIZ

To whom did Jesus say: "Get thee behind me Satan"? - BIBLE QUIZ

What was the name of Moses' real mother? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many books of the Bible start with “J?” - BIBLE QUIZ

PSALM 91 - I Love to DWELL in the SHELTER of the Lord Almighty

What is the first city mentioned in the Bible as having a gate? - BIBLE QUIZ

Don't Judge!

Something Funny: How did I react to the news that the thief who stole my diary and Bible, died today?

According to Bible, what was the most cunning of all the animals God created? - BIBLE QUIZ

The Optimist😃and The Pessimist 😡

Friday Blessings! - Off Balance? - God's unfailing love is Catching you today!

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