When Jesus called John and James, what were they doing? - BIBLE QUIZ

In Old Testament, which King invaded Jerusalem and tore down its walls? - BIBLE QUIZ

What had poisoned the stew that Elisha had purified? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many days Jesus being tempted by satan in the wilderness? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was not opposed to the rebuilding of Jerusalem's walls? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who succeeded Moses as leader of Israel in the wilderness? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who wrote the largest part of the New Testament? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which place was ruled by Chedorlaomerđź‘‘?

Where was the first place Almighty God appeared to Abraham?

What did Noah become after the flood? - BIBLE QUIZ

In Genesis, which river was called the "Great River"? - BIBLE QUIZ

How old was Abram when his name changed to "Abraham"? - BIBLE QUIZ

When Jacob dreamed of angels ascending a ladder, what did he call the place?

In the tabernacle, what material was used to make the lampstand? - BIBLE QUIZ

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