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Two materials were forbidden in the same garment. What were those two? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who had a bed made of red, white, blue, and black marble? - BIBLE QUIZ

I was the daughter of King Talmi of Geshur. I was married to King David and bore him his son Absalom. Who Am I? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who is the guy who said, “a little leaven Leaveneth the whole lump?” - BIBLE QUIZ

She was flabbergasted and her spirit was no more when she saw the style of His housekeeping! Who was this woman who couldn’t take the way the man kept His house? - BIBLE QUIZ

Something Funny😂: Why do we have to be quiet in church⛪?

Something Funny😂: Who was the best business woman in the Bible?


72-Year-Old Woman Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Boy and Even Breastfeeds! WOW!

I was a prophetess and an agent of Tobiah and Sanballat who opposed the work of Nehemiah in restoring the city of Jerusalem. Who Am I?

Who told this lady to go borrow all the vessels and jars from her neighbors? - BIBLE QUIZ

Something Funny😂: Was basketball 🏀⛹️ ever played in the Bible?

Something Funny😂: Where did Noah keep the bees 🐝 on the ark?

I was the first daughter of Hosea and Gomer. My name means "no-pity". Who Am I? - BIBLE QUIZ

Something Funny😂: What’s a Dentist’s👨‍⚕️🩺😬🦷 favorite song?

I am the daughter of Saul and wife of David. Who Am I? - BIBLE QUIZ

This person slept on an iron bed🛏️ which is over 13 feet long? Who is this person? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which woman👱‍♀️ had a great store of rich spices? - BIBLE QUIZ

Bible Trivia Challenge - MALACHI

Book of Malachi - BIBLE QUIZ

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