Sunday Blessings - Your willing obedience is a big matter to the Lord.

How old was prophetess anna when she saw baby Jesus? - BIBLE QUIZ

Good Night Blessings - God's grace is sufficient for us to overcome any situation❤️

Who made a covenant with his eyes that he should not look lustfully at any virgin? - BIBLE QUIZ

Zipporah was married to a famous person in the Bible. Who was he? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who said🗣️, "Ask me for whatever you want and I will give it to you."? - BIBLE QUIZ

Blessed Saturday! God Blesses us with new Grace and Mercy every day❤️

Psalm 23 - A short funny story

Good Night Blessings! God's HEAVENLY PLAN doesn't always make earthly sense❤️

🕸️🕷️🕸️A Spider's Web🕸️🕷️🕸️

TRUE or FALSE: On the second day of creation, the earth was still completely covered with water? - BIBLE QUIZ

Blessed Friday❤️The only one who can truly SATISFY the human heart is the ONE WHO MADE IT❤️

Ice Cream For The Soul - Author Unknown

In the Bible, how many books are named after women? Name them? - BIBLE QUIZ

Abraham Lincoln’s way of saying THANKS

Where does this scripture state, "When the wicked dies, his hope will perish"? - BIBLE QUIZ

What was the first thing Satan tried to tempt Jesus with? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did Moses and Elijah have in common? - BIBLE QUIZ

Protection Prayer! You are SAFE not because of the absence of danger, but because of the PRESENCE OF GOD❤️

How many authors of the Bible are identified by name? - BIBLE QUIZ

Thursday Blessings! Rest in the Lord, Trust Him completely, and Lean on Him❤️

Who was the first mother mentioned in the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was the only queen to occupy the reign as the ruler of Judah? - BIBLE QUIZ

Something Funny😂: What excuse did Adam give to his children as to why he no longer lived in Eden? - BIBLE QUIZ

The Bible starts with "In the Beginning". What is the phrase Bible ends with? - Bible Quiz

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