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Good Night Blessings - Rest in Jesus πŸ’œ

What is the first city mentioned in the Bible as having a gate? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which king had a sundial? - BIBLE QUIZ

In what city did Jesus raise a widow’s son from the dead? - BIBLE QUIZ

God intended it for Good

What tree did the angel who appeared to Gideon sit under?- BIBLE QUIZ

She touched the hem of Jesus's garment to be healed from a long time affliction. How many years did she suffer this? - BIBLE QUIZ

In the Bible, as an old man, he required a young woman to sleep with him in his bed each night, to keep him warm? Who was he? - BIBLE QUIZ

When he found out his bride was pregnant, he secretly wanted to call of the engagement. Who was this guy in the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who is the man, also know as a dead dog, publicly disgraced, cursed, and threw stones at king David, but, was not harmed? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was the man who was transported by a giant creature and survived the journey? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who is the mortal man who actually walked on water? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who is the only orphan who's name is mentioned in the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who purposefully spent the night with his father's wives in public? - BIBLE QUIZ

Monday Blessings - Your eyes saw my unformed body πŸ’›

One Spring day this Leader had an Affair with this beautiful Neighbor then had her Husband Killed! who were they? -BIBLE QUIZ

He was struck dead by God for steadying the Ark of the Covenant. Who was he? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was the Mysterious young man who fled naked from the Garden of Gethsemane? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who said: "Jesus' blood be on us and on our children”? - BIBLE QUIZ

Good Night Blessings - The call is to Rest in Jesus! πŸ’œ

Who is the only woman in the Old Testament who Arose and identified herself as 'A mother in Israel' ? - BIBLE QUIZ

King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Only one of the women is mentioned by name in the Scripture. Who was she?- BIBLE QUIZ

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