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Which prophet had a vision of Grasshoppers? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophet had a vision about four chariots? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophet executed the prophets of Baal after God consumed his offering with fire? - Bible QUIZ

What was Peter's Job? - BIBLE QUIZ

Psalm 119:28 - Complete the Verse: "My soul melts away for sorrow" - BIBLE QUIZ

Psalm 55:22 - Complete the Verse: " He will never let the righteous be shaken" - BIBLE QUIZ

Psalm 84:12 - Complete the Verse: "O LORD of hosts" - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophet had a vision about a Man with a Measuring Line? - BIBLE QUIZ

At which well did Jesus talk with the woman? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which female disciple did Peter raise from the dead? - BIBLE QUIZ

I traveled with my mother-in-law to Bethlehem. Who am I? - BIBLE QUIZ

What was the name of the prophet whose wife was unfaithful to him portraying our unfaithfulness to God and his unconditional love for us? - BIBLE QUIZ

Psalm 27:4 - Complete the Verse : " One thing have I asked of the LORD" - BIBLE QUIZ

I offered hospitality to a soldier, gave him milk to drink, a place to rest, and then killed him with a tent peg. Who am I? - BIBLE QUIZ

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