Isaac told Jacob not to marry wife from..? - BIBLE QUIZ

In which book of the Bible is the story of Jephthah? - BIBLE QUIZ

God's Will determines our step!


During the famine in Egypt, many came to Joseph and Egypt to buy what food? - BIBLE QUIZ

Jesus Christ compared the separation of the righteous from the wicked to the harvesting of what from the weeds? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did Nehemiah do when he heard the temple walls had not been rebuilt? - BIBLE QUIZ

Have NO Fear!

Who was the most handsome man in all Israel? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many silver trumpets did God ask Moses to make? - BIBLE QUIZ

The Pharisees questioned Jesus because His disciples plucked and ate ___ on the Sabbath? - BIBLE QUIZ

What are the two books of the Bible ends with a question mark? - BIBLE QUIZ

Whose music soothed and comforted a troubled king? - BIBLE QUIZ

What is the first line of Psalm 1? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which one of these articles was in the Ark of the Covenant? --- BIBLE QUIZ

How many times did Elisha ordered to Naaman to wash in the river Jordan to cure his leprosy? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many books did Moses write? - BIBLE QUIZ

James encourages us to be patient like whom? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was known as "The voice of one crying in the wilderness"? - BIBLE QUIZ

Joyfully Surrender

Which one of these articles was in the Ark of the Covenant? -- BIBLE QUIZ

Who ask God for wisdom and used it to solve a mother and child problem? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many books did the Apostle John write? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many children were mocking Elisha? - BIBLE QUIZ

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