Something Funny: What’s the best way to study the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

Finish the Beatitude: “Blessed are they that mourn…” - BIBLE QUIZ

How did Saul die? - BIBLE QUIZ

Finish the Beatitude: “Blessed are the merciful…”

What are we saved by? - BIBLE QUIZ

Finish this phrase: “I can do all things through Christ…” - BIBLE QUIZ

Finish the phrase: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” - BIBLE QUIZ

When Samuel picked David as king, God reminded us that while people look at the outward appearance, what does God look at? - BIBLE QUIZ

Finish the phrase: After Jesus was baptized, God said, “This is my beloved Son whom I…” - BIBLE QUIZ

What will be the outcome of honoring your father and your mother? - BIBLE QUIZ

Complete the verse: “The __ ___ of the wise are more to be heeded than the shouts of a ruler of fools.” - BIBLE QUIZ

What is described as an “unruly evil full of deadly poison”? - BIBLE QUIZ

How does faith come? - BIBLE QUIZ

After the start of his trials, Job calls down evil upon which day? - BIBLE QUIZ

When Jesus cast out demons, they entered into which animals, causing them to go off a cliff? - BIBLE QUIZ

Finish the Beatitude: “Blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness…” - BIBLE QUIZ

What wife of Nabal later became David’s wife? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophet was fed by ravens? - BIBLE QUIZ

What will we receive when the Holy Spirit comes upon us? - BIBLE QUIZ

What is the LAST WORD in the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which animal were men mauled by when they insulted Elisha? - BIBLE QUIZ

How did Ehud lose his knife? - BIBLE QUIZ

Men were mauled by bears when they insulted Elisha for what? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which Queen visited King Solomon because she had heard of his fame? - BIBLE QUIZ

In which book of the Bible is this verse found: “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” - BIBLE QUIZ

Ten men with what condition were healed by Jesus? - BIBLE QUIZ

 In the book of Genesis, God did what to Adam and Eve when he found that they had sinned? - BIBLE QUIZ

Jesus said what is the greatest display of love? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophet had to lay on his left side for six months? - BIBLE QUIZ

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