Who was David's mother? - BIBLE QUIZ

According to the Jesus, if someone forces you to go with them for a mile, you should:____ - BIBLE QUIZ

Daily Verse Calendar - DECEMBER 2020 - Printable Version

What wild ferocious animal did young David kill to protect the sheep, before he killed a giant? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who wrote a book titled "The Kingdom of God is Within You"? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which tribe did Moses belong to? - BIBLE QUIZ

God, You are faithful!

What did God place with the cherubim to guard the Tree of Life? - BIBLE QUIZ

According to Jesus, where is the best place to pray? - BIBLE QUIZ

In the Sermon on the Mount, what did Jesus call the earth? - BIBLE QUIZ

What is the meaning of Samuel? - BIBLE QUIZ

What was Moses’ sister’s name? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who was Samuel’s father? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many Gospels are in the New Testament? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which of the 12 apostles did not have his feet washed by Jesus? - BIBLE QUIZ

What does “Christ” mean? - BIBLE QUIZ

When Jesus died, for how long was there darkness over the land? - BIBLE QUIZ

What was Joseph's response to the news that Mary was pregnant? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which gospel is the only one does not say anything about Christ's birth or beginning? - BIBLE QUIZ

After resurrection, the disciples were on the shore of what body of water when Jesus appeared to them? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which animals were specifically mentioned as being present in the stable when Jesus was born? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many people were at the Last Supper? - BIBLE QUIZ

To whom did the gospel of Luke written? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did God use to create Adam in the book of Genesis? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who spread the news about baby Jesus throughout the region of Bethlehem? - BIBLE QUIZ

GOD is always with me! Amen.

According to Luke's Gospel, why did Joseph have to travel to Bethlehem? - BIBLE QUIZ

What location does Jesus say to light a lamp for all to see? - BIBLE QUIZ

How many Magi does worshiped the baby Jesus and then presented gifts to him? - BIBLE QUIZ

Where did Mary place baby Jesus to rest after his birth? - BIBLE QUIZ

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