According to the words of Jesus, who is the comforter ? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who is the Father of sons of Korah? - BIBLE QUIZ


Complete the Verse: "Heaven and earth will pass away, but my... - Matthew 24:35 - BIBLE QUIZ

What king of Tyre sent cedar trees, carpenters and masons to King David to build a house? - BIBLE QUIZ

What major prophet had a vision of a time when the Lord would gather the kings of the earth together and put them all in a pit? - BIBLE QUIZ

What king wanted to see some sign when the arrested Jesus was sent to him? - BIBLE QUIZ

What book in the Bible says that laughter is foolishness? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who built the first Jerusalem temple? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who is the great grandmother of David? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who told the first lie in the Bible? - BIBLE QUIZ

Who sang, "“My soul magnifies the Lord,"? - BIBLE QUIZ

What elderly prophetess saw Baby Jesus at the Temple? - BIBLE QUIZ

What shepherd boy, the youngest of eight sons, was anointed as King by a prophet? - BIBLE QUIZ

What Bible character’s name means “laughter”? - BIBLE QUIZ

Whom did Jesus Christ speak of as dancing in the streets? - BIBLE QUIZ

What is the only book in the entire Bible to mention God laughing? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which mother of a Prophet prayed for a baby while she visited a temple? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which mother of a prophet puts her baby in a basket to save him? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which prophetess called herself, “The Mother of Israel?” - BIBLE QUIZ

Whose mother brought him a new coat each year? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which woman in the Bible had two Moabite daughters-in-law? - BIBLE QUIZ

What did Apostle John's and Apostle James' mother ask Jesus? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which disciple did Paul commend for having the same sincere faith his mother had? - BIBLE QUIZ

Whose mother drank no wine or strong drink, and eat nothing unclean during her pregnancy? - BIBLE QUIZ

TRUE/FALSE: The wise men from the east were present at the birth site of Jesus? - BIBLE QUIZ

What is the first war mentioned in the Old Testament? - BIBLE QUIZ

Which Roman Emperor decreed that all the world should take part in the census? - BIBLE QUIZ

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