Delightful November - 1 min Encouragement

November Blessings - The month of miracles and breakthrough! - 1 min Encouragement Prayer

Girl you are Blessed!

I am so very Grateful!

God is my Miracle Maker! Amen!

God leads me! Amen

My God never Fails! Amen!

Try again but this Time with me - GOD

Words to Live by! - 1 min Encouragement

YES! I Choose to Shine!

Women pastors / preachers? Can a woman be a pastor or preacher? - Short 5 min video

Why did God allow polygamy in the Bible? - 6 min short video

Do Not Judge | What does the Bible mean that we are not to judge others? - 5 min short video

Why Does God Allow Evil? | Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? | Short 6 min video

What Happens to Those who have Never Heard about Jesus? | Short 3 min video

He's got Good things in Store for you ! Amen!

Let's Believe and Pray to Cancel every Evil Plans of the enemy!

Jeanine reciting Psalm 23:1-6 - WOW!

Stop and PRAY! Let God Guide You!

It's Going to be OK! - HE is working on your behalf!

Only God can fill the Empty Space of my Heart!

Grace Changes Everything! Amen.

7 Godly Virtues - 7 Encouraging Bible verses

Stay Focused! - 4 Bible verses to stay focused

God is on my side I will not fear!

All of my Life in every season YOU are Still GOD! Amen

Jesus Christ is Coming Soon!! Are you Ready for the Great Day of Judgement?