I am Safe, because My future lays in God's hands! Amen.

Dear Lord, Let me reflect You! Amen.

All I need is in Jesus! Amen.

Fight Your Battles on Your Knees! Amen.

Everything is Possible with God! Amen.

Real Talk: How I Battle Anxiety

Life's Challenges Are Opportunities To See God Work In Your Life! Amen.

Lord, Please watch over my Family and Friends! Amen.

Sooner or Later My God is Going to turn it Around. I Believe it! Amen.

Thank You Lord for forgiving me when I can't forgive myself! Amen.

Caitlyn reciting Psalm 23

Hold on to Jesus In Life's Storms! Amen.

TODAY is a Gift and a Blessing from God! Amen.

FIRST GOD and then the REST! Amen.

Those who hope in God will never be disappointed! Amen.

Lord, I am ready for a miracle! Amen.

Lord, I surrender all my worries to You! Amen.

God is Always There for You! Amen.

This is the time of God's Favor! Amen.

Focus on how big your God is! Amen.

Tonight, Cast all Your Anxieties on Him! Amen.

God is the One who walks before you! Amen.

Real Men always looking for new ways to Love their Wife! Amen.

God will never leave you nor forsake you! Amen.

God wants me to be a 'LOVE HIM' wife! Amen.

God can turn any situation around! Amen.

Lord, Your plans are better than my expectations! Amen.

He Gave His Life for Me! Amen.

You are So Precious to the Lord! Amen.

I Am Praying for You, Friend! Amen.

Lord, I Want more of you! Amen.

Keep the Faith and Never Give Up! Amen.

Only God Can Turn a TEST into a TESTIMONY! Amen.

God's time is the Best Time! Amen.

Take a Moment and Realize How Blessed You Are! Amen.

Time spent alone with God is NEVER WASTED. Amen.

Don't Judge Me by My Past! Amen.

Each day you have is a blessing from God. Amen.

O Lord, My Hope is in You! Amen.

God is making things happen for You! Amen.

Trust God today no matter how dark your situation. Amen.

Cut your Ego, Not your Relationship!